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In today's day and age, security is a rare commodity. Thieves are becoming more sophisticated, more clever, and more efficient. And it's getting hard to keep your valuables out of their pockets. Burglars spend an average of six minutes inside a house before fleeing with whatever they can grab. They know right where to go to find the most valuable items in an average house. If you want to beat them, you have to outsmart them. Storing your valuables in a book safe, can safe, or other diversion safe keeps them out of the spotlight without the hassle of combinations or keys.

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All of our diversion safes are guaranteed to perform to your expectations. Each is crafted to be invisible to thieves on the prowl. We carry a wide variety of "average" products and items. Choose a safe that blends in to the background.

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  • Products look real... Some actually ARE real! 


  • All safes are delivered discretely 


  • Our diversion safes are built to last! 


  • Convenient and Secure!  


You can't find a better combination of security and convenience. Whether you use our specially-designed clock safe to hide your favorite jewelry from potential thieves, or whether you stash sensitive digital media in a book safe to hide it from a dishonest roommate, a diversion safe is what you need! We ship our orders quickly, usually within 24 hours. And shipping within the US is completely free! You don't have to worry about anyone rifling through your items anymore!




Can safes, book safes, and other secret caches are only secure when they are your secret. Choose items that will blend into the background, and stay in the background. Don't open them or take them out when someone is in the room. Don't ever let anyone borrow them!

Can safes, book safes, and other diversion safes are more effective when they are built by a master with specially-designed parts. buys from the best designers in the industry, who are constantly creating new products. One in four burglaries occur because no one even bothered to lock their door. Be smart! Be safe! Be conscious of your surroundings, and have an attitude of security!


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